Original artwork and signed reproductions of David L Martin’s artworks  are shipped directly from the Beachbones Enterprises studio; because of this, the highest quality is maintained. Reproductions are offered on canvas, art paper and wood in full, half, and quarter sizes.  All  prints are signed, numbered, and stencil marked with the David’s trademarked cross-bones-B logo on the back of the each work.   Orders can take up to 4 – 6 weeks for delivery depending on inventory available in the studio.  Gallery wrapped prints do not need for the extra expense of framing. The art paper prints are beautiful and will be shipped as such, we do not frame these here in studio. Below is a quick introductory gallery but shop here for more options. Thank you for viewing, enjoy!

“Sunset Soul” 48″ x 24″ 2005
artwork by beachbones, david l martin

“Baja Baked” 24″ x 20″2005

“Green Room” 30″ x 40″ 2005
The Green Room

“Dweller On The Threshold” 26″ x 66″ 2011
A Dweller on the Threshold

Beachcombing (the Shores of Wisdom)” 48″ x 36″ 2006
Beachcombing the Shorts of Wisdom

“Peek Into The Other Side” 28.5″ x 36″ 2011
Peek Into The Other Side

“Heart Over Maui” 36″ x 24″ 2005
Uplifted Heart

“Peace to the Brotherhood” 30″ x 40″ 2005
Peace to the Brotherhood

“Shy Beauty” 60″ x 48″ 2009
Shy Beauty

“Flow” 48″ x 36″ 2004

“Bird Watching” 48″ x 48″ 2013
Bird Watching by Beachbones

“Gautama In The Cave” 35″ x 44″ 2010
Buddha by Beachbones

A Vibration Called Desire” 63″ x 39.5″ 2010
A Vibration Called Desire

“A Composition of Beach” 33″ x 33″ 2011

“Beachball Abstract #2″ 36″ x 36” 2012
Beachballs #2 - Light Bodies and Space

“Who Are You?” 24″ x 24″ 2011
The Origin Of Consciousness"

“Language of the Logos” 60″ x 37″ 2011
Light and Dark Matter and The Language of the Cosmos

Pelican Stencil Abstract #2” 36″ x 24″ 2013
Abstract Pelican Stencil #2

“Imprint of the Cosmic Biggie” 47.25″ x 47.25″ 2011
Imprint of the Cosmic Biggie

“Morning Beach Soul” 36″ x 24″ 2013
Early Morning Soul

“A Mystics Path” 33″ x 72″ 2009
A Mystics Path

Sharks” 48″ x 48″ 2016

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